Monday, June 29, 2009

Where to Find Macrame Books

I don't know how other micro-macramers learned the craft, but I studied old macrame books and pamphlets; in fact, I scoured yard sales, second-hand bookstores and eBay for manuals, pamphlets, one-sheets, books, anything with macrame lessons with pictures. Here's what looks like a great source for more instructional books on macrame: KINGSKOUNTY.
I love that they have a section called "Best Sellers". Who knew?

This week let's focus on some favs from my massive collection of macrame instruction books. Mad About Macrame, No. 2, published in 1975, started the revolution, my friends.

Take a look at the cascading leaf pattern on this curtain/garden divider/alternate doorway to Narnia.
This was the pattern I had to reverse engineer for my leaf necklace. Completely smitten by the waviness of the design, I had an epiphany about stringing seed beads inside the leaf structures so that color would peep through each little opening, creating a minor stained glass effect.

And seriously, who can resist the delicacy of the macrame inset at the top of this window? Another excellent place to splash a little color ala seed beads.

I haven't gotten around to bringing this one to fruition, but if I ever do, it will be in micro-macrame.

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  1. Ola! Annika
    amei esse macramê, é uma cortina para porta e janela, belissímo.
    Bjos Teresa ah! obrigada pela visita.