Thursday, June 18, 2009

How to Make Hemp Jewelry Tutorial

I am not an aficionado of using hemp twine for jewelry because it's too coarse-looking and feel too rough on my skin, but I recently found a simple macramé tutorial which uses hemp to create flat knots and half knots. So instead of using hemp and clunky beads, I would substitute Gudebrod silk cording (size FF or FFF) and sparkly 6mm or 8mm crystal beads for the simple techniques shown in this lovely tutorial.
To learn micro-macramé, I scrounged second-hand shops for old macramé pamphlets and found reprints of Victorian macramé books and magazine articles on eBay. One time I found a 70's pamphlet with a back cover photo of a gorgeous (to me, at least) curtain panel featuring knotted leaves cascading down in rows. When I got the pamphlet home I couldn't find that particular project in its pages, so I had to reverse engineer the design; here's what I came up with.

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