Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Those Nutty Nuts at Selfridges

I meant to post these pix a few days ago when I found them online. Selfridges is a grand old department store on the Oxford Road in London where you can buy just about anything your little heart desires (definitely hit the food halls, they're wonderful). When I lived in London as a student I would often gaze into their storefront windows marveling at and wishing for all the pretties displayed therein. Apparently in the recent past they have caught the macrame bug that is going around fashion circles. I don't know when this display was up or if it is still - I imagine not since Christmas is looming and Selfridges always goes all out with their holiday window displays.

Teresa is ready for Christmas!

Teresa from Brazil, a fellow macramer, has been busy knotting a lovely green towel for the upcoming holidays. I so envy her ability to work at this level of detail. She has graciously shared a how-to here where she describes the history of macrame (being passed from Arab sources, to the Spaniards of the 14th century, to sailors and consequently to the ports visited by those sailors).

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Macrame Scarf

Here's a nifty idea Christine at the JaneAvion blog has been making for a while - something she gleaned from Martha Stewart's "no knit scarves." I am diggin' it! Nice for Christmas prezzies, don't ya think?

On a sad note, my apologies to the members of the cancelled class that was to have taken place last Sunday at Beads and Beyond...I was laid low with the Swine Flu but am recovering nicely. I really really did not want anyone else to get what I had. The sustained high fever and aches were just horrible. Hopefully we can all get together in November for another class.

Anneta Valious's Soutache Jewelry

Check out Anneta's album on Facebook for more of her beautiful soutache jewelry. While it has little to do with macrame, it is inspiring to see what she has done with soutache braid.

Sunday, October 18, 2009

Jeanne Wertman is still at it!

From the Canton Rep comes an article featuring several bead artists, among them is Jeanne Wertman, one of my favorite macrame artists. I love her ebullient combination of bead embroidery and macrame. Ain't she something else?