Tuesday, June 30, 2009

More of the Good Stuff

The Vogue Guide to Macrame, published in 1972, was produced in the hippy hempy macrame heyday.

Its one outstanding feature is an up and coming star in the textile industry: Kaffe Fassett, better known for his knitting and quilt colorways.

Another resource, if you can find a reprint of it, is the Priscilla Macrame Book. The reprint I found from Iva Rose Vintage Reproductions was a copy from the 1923 revised edition. It purports to be a "Collection of Handsome Designs" and indeed, it truly is. Most of the pieces look Victorian with lots of frittering and tassels.
It's one of those book where the instructions ain't so hot and you'll have to figure out the knotting sequences from looking at the old-timey photos. I did find one pattern that was a calling card case in this book, it became the inspiration for my Reynard necklace.

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