Sunday, December 28, 2008

What is this all about?

Micro-macramé is simply macramé done on a very small scale. You might say that it looks a bit like lace; in fact in Victorian times it was sometimes called just that: macramé lace. So, why the fascination with macramé? I haven't the foggiest. That's not exactly true. Many years ago I spied a sparkly, bobbly-beaded, knotted bracelet in one of those high-end trendy New Age shops. The price tag on the bracelet was a mere $125.00. Whoa! A bit spendy for me. I kept going back to steal glimpses of that exquisite piece and figure out what technique it representesd. After all, I'm pretty darn crafty. I could figure it out, right?

A few months later while cruising around the Internet I found a web site that offered online lessons in micro-macramé...micro-macramé, so that's what that bracelet was. Plunking down a credit card number I was able to download a couple of lessons and begin my twisted, knotty journey.