Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Macrame Scarf

Here's a nifty idea Christine at the JaneAvion blog has been making for a while - something she gleaned from Martha Stewart's "no knit scarves." I am diggin' it! Nice for Christmas prezzies, don't ya think?

On a sad note, my apologies to the members of the cancelled class that was to have taken place last Sunday at Beads and Beyond...I was laid low with the Swine Flu but am recovering nicely. I really really did not want anyone else to get what I had. The sustained high fever and aches were just horrible. Hopefully we can all get together in November for another class.


  1. Ola! Annika
    amiga, passei pra te dar um bjo e abraço
    Teresa Grazioli

  2. Thanks for the plug Annika :D
    Hope you get well soon!