Monday, September 14, 2009

En Vogue...? Yes! Yes! Yes!

It seems like everybody has hopped onto the macrame band wagon this season; last week's Project Runway featured a macrame frock and now Diane von Furstenberg has a gorgeous green macrame dress in her Spring 2010 collection.
Okay, okay, I get it; you're starting to wonder about this blog - what is my fascination with haute couture and macrame?
Honestly, am I so traumatized by the stigma macrame has developed over the past 30 years as a cliche, old fashioned (and not in the good way) hippy hempy craft that I feel compelled to validate it as an art form that's come back into vogue? I dunno.
I just think it's cool that top fashion houses are on the same page as us mortal macramers.
Now back to the regular programming...maybe.

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